I know the power of the SPOKEN WORD as a catalyst for change and transformation in people. Choosing the right speaker for your event is an extremely important decision.  I know this.

My servant-leader approach to speaking (“its not about me, its about those I’m speaking to”) combined with real life experience + powerful content positions me as a great choice for groups, ministries, and organizations that resonate with my message of hope and healing.

I have a certain lane that I drive in most comfortably and certain topics that are intimately attached to my core identity:

  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Overcoming trauma and adversity
  • The intersection of mental and spiritual health
  • Transformational Leadership in the Church and the Workplace
  • Identity
  • Personal Growth and Skill Development
  • Healing and Restoration

 However, each opportunity to speak is a unique assignment and moment in time. Seeking God is a critical part of  my preparation to ensure that I always tailor my message or training to meet and exceed the needs and goals of those who will hear the message.          

If you’re looking for a passionate, prepared, and purposeful speaker for your next event, I believe you landed on this page for a reason and I hope to hear from you soon!  

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