Chaena Hollist



“This book [Value in Violation] is wonderfully transparent and informative. I appreciate the author’s wisdom and insight into the effects of trauma and betrayal on people of all ages. This is the blueprint that is missing for so many who have experienced trauma, betrayal, and violation on any level to aid in healing and the ability the move forward to be whole. HIGHLY recommended!”

Kenna O’Flannigan

“You were right on time!!!! We are blessed to be a blessing and often we forget it! Oh but I shall be a tool for his use here daily! I enjoyed you. Thank you for allowing Him to use you and refresh us!”

P. Green

“Such A MIGHTY Powerful Word!!! Food for thought ? !!! Thank you so very much for allowing God to speak through you.”

E. Reese

“She definitely helped me develop during some crucial transitional stages in my life…spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  I definitely recommend!”

Dr. Asha Brewer

“Chaena is a great listener. She was able to help me look for red flags in a potential relationship. She did this in moments. We were able to map out a way for me to check in with myself. I am excited to continue working with her. I am healing from past relationships. I am grateful for the insight to heal intentionally. “

Kenya C.

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