Why Listening to Your Heart Will Help You ‘Get Your Life’

“Listen to your heart”.

These words may seem cliché but it’s so important that we take those words as serious as we would a heart attack.

Your heart is not just the organ that pumps blood through your body.  It is the rhythm keeper for our entire lives.  When our hearts, both literally and figuratively, are out of sync, we need to pay attention because our quality of life is at stake.

According to Heart Math Institute, the heart is a complex information-processing center that communicates with our brain and affects “mental clarity,emotional balance, and personal effectiveness”.

Their research has shown that negative emotions bring about disorder in the heart rhythm and in the autonomic nervous system, which in turn affects the health of the entire body. Crazy, huh??

Now, the reason I’m mentioning all the science behind your heart is because so many of us go through life led by our thoughts and our brilliant minds.   However, maintaining your heart health as well and connecting with it is key to you being successful.

I know you have heard  advice like “change your thoughts, change your reality” or about “the power of positive thinking“.   Look, no one can deny that what goes on in our mind has a huge impact on what goes on in our life.

But real talk…our brain can be super fickle.  It relies on information that it already has on file, beliefs that we’ve developed due to our memories and experiences, and the meanings we’ve attached to those experiences.

Our brain is a powerful organ with endless capabilities, however, in order to live a healthy and fulfilled life, you have to get your heart and mind on the same page.

 Your heart, not your brain is the most influential organ in your body.

Your heart is like the biggest clock in a room full of clocks.  It’s the loudest and the strongest.  Over time, all the other organs, including your brain if you let it, lines up with its rhythm.  It has pulling power and can pull your mind and mental space into place. [1]

 Your heart does not require logic in order to know what “feels right”.

Your brain has to “know” but your heart can feel [2].  Despite what you as a woman have been socialized to think…you shouldn’t ignore or suppress your feelings.  Your feelings are valuable.  They inform you about what you are experiencing and can even give you heads up to something in the future.

I’ve had times where something “just doesn’t feel right” and decided to go a different route.  I’m sure you have too.  We can’t lose our sensitivity to our intuition trying to always be logical about everything.

Emotions are not your enemy until they become your enemy.   Managed emotions work in partnership with our minds and help us accomplish the things we are trying to achieve.  But un-managed emotions work against us and yes, result in mental chaos. [3]

I’m gonna talk more about emotions in future posts, because getting a hold of them and using them for our advantage is a must in order to create the life and relationships we want.

So bottom line…

Listening to your heart is not just a cliché, it is a truth we should live by.  In this patriarchal society, listening to your heart is painted as a negative thing since women tend to be more emotionally driven, while men are supposedly driven more by logic.

I do not think one way is wrong, I think our differences are a perfect illustration that BOTH are equally important.

I wanna know…

Soooo…do you regularly connect to and listen to your heart?  Or do you struggle in this area? Share your thoughts in the comments section ladies!

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