Why Listening to Your Heart Will Help You ‘Get Your Life’

“Listen to your heart”. These words may seem cliché but it’s so important that we take those words as serious as we would a heart attack. Your heart is not just the organ that pumps blood through your body.  It is the rhythm keeper for our entire lives.  When our hearts, both literally and figuratively, are out of sync, we need to pay attention because our quality of life is at stake. According to Heart Math Institute, the heart is a complex information-processing center that communicates with our brain and […]

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How to Be Built Instead of Broken By Adversity

Life sometimes comes at us fast.  Things can be going along normally and as planned one moment and then the next moment you are in the next crisis of your life.  The reality is that grandma was right, we are always either just coming out of a trial, in the midst of a trial, or on our way to a trial.  That’s life.  The difference between those who are built vs. those who are broken by adversity is not the amount of adversity they face, but instead its HOW they […]