How to Rest and Get Out of “Crisis-Mode” After Life Happens…

There’s nothing like a good ol’ mid-day nap when you didn’t sleep well the night before.  Nothing like finally laying it down and getting some much needed sleep after a long hard day or a big workout. We need rest. It’s not an option or a privilege. But get this…when life happens we use a lot of emotional energy and eventually we need to rest.  The reeling phase is draining. Period.  We cry, we become numb, then we have outbursts, we may feel angry and lots of other emotions, and […]

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How to Be Built Instead of Broken By Adversity

Life sometimes comes at us fast.  Things can be going along normally and as planned one moment and then the next moment you are in the next crisis of your life.  The reality is that grandma was right, we are always either just coming out of a trial, in the midst of a trial, or on our way to a trial.  That’s life.  The difference between those who are built vs. those who are broken by adversity is not the amount of adversity they face, but instead its HOW they […]